At American Power Connection Systems, we’re more than just a manufacturer. We’re your partner in crafting precision power solutions tailored just for you. Dive into the world of our bespoke battery connectors and bus bars, and discover the American Power difference:

  • Perfect Fit, Every Time: Our battery connectors and copper bus bars are meticulously crafted to align with any unique shape or application you require. Your designs and blueprints, be it in DXF, PDF, or DWG formats, are our blueprint for precision.
  • Expert Guidance on Tap: While we effortlessly work on customer-provided schematics, our design maestros stand ready to finesse or conjure designs that meet your exacting specifications.
  • High-Octane Production Capabilities: With an in-house tool & die department and state-of-the-art CNC shearing, punching, and bending technologies, we’re equipped to fulfill both boutique and high volume production orders with finesse.
  • Rapid Response Readiness: We understand that emergencies don’t come announced. That’s why we maintain a stockpile of copper, ensuring a swift turnaround when urgency strikes.
  • Versatile Connector Variants: Whether you need lug or clamp-type connectors, crafted to bespoke specifications, we have you covered. And with finishes available in bare, epoxy coated, or insulated variants, we cater to every industry nuance.
  • Bus Bars – Precision in Every Hole: Our bus bars are not just versatile but also adhere to standard hole patterns and sizes, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration.
  • Premium Plating Pre-Delivery: Prior to shipping, every battery connector and bus bar receives a coating of tin or nickel, ensuring durability, conductivity, and long-term performance.

In the realm of power connection components, American Power Connection Systems is the beacon of reliability and innovation. Choose us for your custom battery connectors and bus bars, and electrify your projects with unparalleled quality and precision!