Power management: Schneider Electric introduced the 26-inch Wide Draw-Out Breaker Retrofill Solution for 5-kilovolt (kV) vacuum switchgear applications. This smaller cell provides a cost-effective solution to address switchgear applications with space restrictions.

In today’s electrical environment, engineers and designers face growing space challenges and ongoing pressure to reduce the size of installed electrical equipment and increase space. Previously, as electrical engineers looked to modernize electrical components, non-standard switchgear applications required modification of the existing switchgear lineup, which is costly, inefficient and can require a longer business outage. The new 26-inch Wide Retrofill Solution can be applied in any 5kV application, up to 2000 amps/350 mega volt amps (MVA), without the need to replace or change the switchgear lineup. Using this retrofill solution, customers can more rapidly and efficiently upgrade existing electrical equipment without facing the high cost or lengthy downtime of traditional equipment replacement.

“Modernizing electrical equipment is important not only for electrical reliability and safety, but for meeting new constrained space requirements,” said John Blaylock, senior operations director of Schneider Electric’s U.S. Services Division. “With this new retrofill solution, electrical personnel can upgrade and consolidate existing equipment to meet the latest IEEE safety standards without incurring the costly downtime or capital expenditures typical of equipment replacement, custom or otherwise.”

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