This report provides strategic analysis of the global Power Distribution Unit (PDU) market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the types of PDU, power phases, applications of PDUs in various industry verticals and in-depth scrutiny of the PDU market across different geographic segments. The major objective of a PDU is to provide power to various network components of a server rack present in a data center. Modern PDUs has functionalities such as a display of power input and output, controlling of power usage through remote monitoring, alarm sensors for alerting any deviation from standard power consumption and automatic or remote switching on and off of the PDU for optimizing power consumption among others. PDU models having high amperage plugs can provide multiple low amperage outlets from high amperage outlets. Certain new PDUs such as standalone PDUs are being deployed by military forces, which account for a very niche market. Growing need of data centers to optimize power consumption and the increasing cost of power have led to the need for effective and monitored power distribution. This has led to the increase in the demand for PDUs.

The global PDU market is primarily driven by an increase in the amount of data generated globally. Growing population across the globe, in turn, is increasing the amount of data being generated across various sectors such as Telecom & IT and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), and Government among others. Generation of data is triggered by multiple factors such as an increase in penetration of process automation in the power industry, rising volume of unstructured data from operations and increase in volume of machine sensor data among others. Increasing volume of data has automatically increased the demand for data centers across the globe. Furthermore, the overall economic growth, increase in the number of internet users and increasing preference for online shopping globally has increased the demand for data centers. Additionally, increased acceptance of cloud computing and virtualization across all industry verticals globally has also increased the demand for data centers. The increase in demand for data centers has positively impacted the PDU market. Data centers rely heavily on PDUs for distribution of power to network components of a server rack. Furthermore, PDUs are also used to track power usage by each component of the rack and for reduction of the overall power consumption throughout data centers. Moreover, PDUs can help to minimize the downtime of servers and thus increase uptime. Considering all these positive impacts, demand for the PDU is set to rise during the forecast period from 2015 to 2021.

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