Siemens (NYSE: SI) has developed a new air-insulated busbar trunking system that increases the efficiency and reliability of wind power turbines. The LDM system from the Sivacon 8PS product family will replace cables for transmitting power from the generator to the grid infeed. The fast, cost-efficient installation and the increased efficiency with less power loss make construction as well as operation of a wind turbine more efficient and profitable. The low fire load achieved by not using plastics and standards-compliant design verification increase the turbines’ operational safety. The system is now designed for a rated current of 800 to 8200 amperes.

Siemens’ new LDM busbar trunking system increases the efficiency of wind turbinesThe new maintenance-free and fail-safe busbar trunking system is an enhancement of the existing LD system. Optimized cross-sections enabled the efficiency to be significantly improved, which in turn decreases power loss. This means additional feed-in compensations for the plant operator throughout a wind turbine’s service life. In contrast to using cables, the LDM busbar trunking system can be pre-installed in the individual tower segments during the construction phase, which saves both time and costs.

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