At this year’s Light+Building, Siemens Smart Infrastructure is introducing LData, a busbar trunking system specially designed for data centers wanting to improve their efficiency, availability and adaptability. The more internet traffic, mobile users as well as Internet of Things connections increase, the more data has to be processed. That is why high-performance data centers are emerging as the backbone of a digital society. These data centers must offer the highest degree of availability to protect critical data as well as business-critical applications and industrial processes. At the same time, they must be energy efficient as well as easy to plan, install and expand. The energy distribution system plays a major role in this regard.

The LData busbar trunking system is an economical and flexible alternative to conventional cables and gives operators a solution for intelligent and future-proof power distribution. It is based on the technology of the existing Siemens LD and BD2 systems from the Sivacon 8PS portfolio and offers new features such as data center-specific tap-off units to easily and flexibly connect additional server racks as well as the ability to transmit data directly via the conductors.

The new busbar trunking system transmits not only power but also data such as current and diagnostic information, thereby contributing to the digitalization of the power distribution. It collects this energy data using communication-capable measuring and switching devices from the Sentron portfolio.

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