Advantages of Busbar Trunking system over conventional Cable distribution systems

Busbar Trunking System is the is a system of distributing electric power using copper or aluminium busbar with suitable enclosures and good amount of protection to prevent the cables from getting damaged due to foreign bodies. Busbars […]

Battery Swapping Technology: Advantages & Setbacks

One of the most widespread worries about EVs is that they won’t have enough range to get from here to there. There is a common fear among prospective buyers of electric vehicles that they will be stuck […]

Nearly Half of Americans Think Electric Vehicle Batteries Are Not Recyclable

While electric vehicle sales have nearly doubled in the past year, they still represent just over 5% of vehicles on the road, and many of the other drivers are still guessing at how they work. Some of […]

Low Voltage Busbar Trunking Systems to Witness Accelerated Demand from End-Use Industries

It is expected that, the low voltage busbar trunking systems segment will drive the growth of the busbar trunking systems market, in terms of both, volume and value. The approximately US$ 5 billion market for busbar trunking […]

How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last?

The first question most electric car shoppers ask when they’re considering an EV is, “How far can I drive?” Certainly, in the top five questions, though, is “How long do electric car batteries last?” It’s an important […]

Global Air Insulated Busbar Trunking System Market 2018

Apex Market Reports, recently published a detailed market research study focused on the “Air Insulated Busbar Trunking System Market” across the global, regional and country level. The report provides 360° analysis of “Air Insulated Busbar Trunking System […]

How much is an electric car battery?

Electric cars are supposed to supplant internal combustion-powered vehicles over the next 10-20 years. And while the sales of electric cars are growing, they remain a small fraction of the U.S. market due to their higher costs […]

Global Busbar Electroplating Market By Substrate: Copper, Aluminum, Others

Increased implementation of smart grid technology, implementation of advanced metering infrastructure, and the transition from conventional to modular switchgear are emerging trends that will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the electric T&D equipment network. […]

How Temperature Affects Electric Car Range, Charging, & Performance

Temperature, range, and charging are closely connected in the minds of most electric car owners. Why? Basically, chemical reactions happen faster at higher temperatures. Think of the electrons inside your battery as minions. During charging, they move […]

How long do electric cars last?

Electric cars have surged in popularity due to high gas prices and the emergence of new all-electric vehicles across all major vehicle types. Because electric cars are a relatively new technology, prospective buyers may be curious about […]

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