Why should you choose Busbar over Cable?

Busbar trunking systems are a method of power distribution using rigid copper or aluminium conductors to distribute the power around a building. Busbar systems were initially developed to provide an alternative to the more traditional methods of […]

Local power solution providers up their game

Currently, installed power generation capacity stands at 24,594 megawatts (MW), way higher than 4,942MW in 2009, according to the power division. The actual generation hit a record 13,064MW on Saturday from a paltry 3,268MW more than a […]

Electrical Busbar- Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

An electrical busbar consists of a metallic conductor in a shape like a bar or a strip enclosed in switch gear, panel boards, and busway enclosures. Electrical power is collected from input feeders and distributed to output […]

What is Electrical Busbar? Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

A busbar is a metallic bar in a switchgear panel used to carry electric power from incoming feeders and distributes to the outgoing feeders. In simple terms, busbar is a electrical junction where incoming and outgoing currents […]

Laminated Busbar Market Size Worth $1.33 Billion, Globally, by 2027

The laminated busbar market has been segmented on the basis of conductor, insulation material, application, and geography. Based on conductor, the laminated busbar is segmented into aluminum and copper. Based on insulation material, the laminated busbar is […]

Metal plate shunt resistors handle high currents

Added to the PS series, and being stocked in Europe by TTI, they are constructed from solid metal alloy resistance element with copper terminals for what is claimed to be superior corrosion and heat resistance, along with […]

Making Sense of Shunt Sensors: All Your Questions Answered

A DC shunt resistor is a small-value, precision resistor that is placed in series with a load so the current through that load can be determined. The voltage across the DC shunt is measured and Ohm’s law […]

Aluminum or copper Busbar trunking system? What do you say?

These two materials (aluminium and copper) are both physically and economically viable for use as conductors in power busbar trunking systems (BTS). Some manufacturers of busbar trunking systems offer a product with copper busbars and others offer […]

Why should you choose Busbar over Cable?

It’s imperative to observe standards and regulations while planning power supply requirements. Continuous supply of energy is an essential prerequisite for modern building projects. Cutting to the ease, busbars are cost-effective and easily configurable, making them almost […]

Advantages of Busbar Trunking system over conventional Cable distribution systems

Busbar Trunking System is the is a system of distributing electric power using copper or aluminium busbar with suitable enclosures and good amount of protection to prevent the cables from getting damaged due to foreign bodies. Busbars […]

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