Inside the race for a car battery that charges fast — and won’t catch fire

In September, Toyota offered the world a glimpse into the company’s future. In an 11-second YouTube video, it displayed a modern four-door car cruising down a test track. The most important upgrade was the tagline emblazoned on […]

Why Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage, And Demand Response Add Value To Energy Markets

The city of Boulder, Colorado, is trying out a vehicle-to-building technology, which takes electricity from electric vehicles (EVs) and feeds that into buildings. It is partnering with Fermata Energy to reduce the city’s building energy costs with […]

Low Voltage Busbar Trunking Systems to Witness Accelerated Demand from End-Use Industries

It is expected that, the low voltage busbar trunking systems segment will drive the growth of the busbar trunking systems market, in terms of both, volume and value. The approximately US$ 5 billion market for busbar trunking […]

What’s the Difference Between Busbars and Cables?

Busbars are metal bars used to carry large amounts of current. Often made of copper or aluminum, every home electrical panel has busbars to distribute ac power to the rows of circuit breakers (Fig. 1). Quite often, […]

Why Electric Car Battery Recycling Matters as Much as the Cars Themselves

Electric cars are often purchased because of their environmental benefits, but if millions of old batteries from these cars aren’t managed well, those benefits could be offset. Here are four interesting techniques that are shaping up to […]

This startup wants to pack more energy into electric vehicle batteries

While electric vehicles are rising in popularity, they are still limited in range—a Tesla Model 3 can go for about 350 miles before it needs to be recharged—and concerns about safety have plagued the lithium-ion batteries that […]

The Future of Nano-enhanced EV Batteries

After years of being at a high price point, electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to become an affordable option for consumers. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of improvements that can be made to the batteries used […]

Solid Power, backed by Ford and BMW, begins pilot production of innovative EV battery with longer range and quicker recharging

Solid Power, a Colorado-based battery start-up backed by BMW and Ford Motor, said it has begun pilot production of an innovative solid-state battery cell that promises to offer electric-vehicle owners more range and shorter recharging times at […]

How It Works: Electric-vehicle battery cooling

Gasoline and diesel engines generate so much heat that if they’re not properly cooled, they can self-destruct in a matter of minutes. Electric vehicles (EVs) obviously don’t have that engine issue, but their batteries need to be […]

Global Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market (2022 to 2027)

The global electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling market reached a value of US$ 1.77 billion in 2021. Looking forward, the market is projected to reach a value of US$ 8.66 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of […]

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