Flexible and economic grid even in times of changing energy landscape: With the growing extension of renewable power generation comes the challenge of keeping grids stable. The need for reactive power compensation equipment is increasing; and at the same time these assets need to become more flexible because the infeed from renewables is volatile.

A cost efficient and flexible solution is the combination of shunt reactor technology with on-load tap-changers as used in power transformers for decades already. Grid operators benefit from improved voltage control and reduced reactive power loading of the grid.  These two benefits reduce losses in the lines, connected equipment, and the variable shunt reactor itself compared to a fixed shunt reactor.

Join our webinar on September 27th to learn more about reactive power compensation and typical applications, differences between fixed and variable shunt reactors as well as technical aspects of variable shunt reactors and the on-load tap changer. A special focus during this webinar is on a typical business case to demonstrate the economic side of the topic.

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