Navigating the intricate world of power connection components, American Power Connection Systems stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. Here’s how our bespoke shunts and contacts redefine industry standards:

  • Versatile Designs for Every Need: Our laminated custom shunts are masterfully crafted to fit a diverse range of hole patterns and sizes, ensuring compatibility across an array of applications.
  • Secured for Superior Performance: From solder dipped ends, swaged and riveted copper clips to robust welded constructions, the terminal ends of our shunts are designed for unmatched stability and endurance.
  • Optimal Contact Surfaces: Whether you require loose ends or prefer surfaces plated with tin or silver, we have solutions tailored to your precise requirements.
  • Enhanced Electrical Conductivity: Our pioneering press bonded lamination not only bolsters the conductivity of our shunts but also eliminates the need for additional plates or clips. This translates to optimal electrical values, ensuring peak performance every time.
  • Precision Production Capabilities: Armed with an advanced in-house tool & die department, we’re equipped to shape and punch a myriad of shunts, be it type F (straight), type C (180°), or type J. Our production precision guarantees impeccable results, every single time.
  • Customizable to the Core: We pride ourselves on our flexibility and precision. Parameters such as thickness, lamination thickness, width, length, hole size, hole pattern, and desired end type can all be tailored to match your exact requirements.

At American Power Connection Systems, we believe that every component, no matter how intricate, deserves unparalleled attention to detail and quality. Elevate your power connection experience with our custom shunts and contacts, and propel your projects to the pinnacle of excellence!