We custom design laminated shunts in a range of hole patterns, sizes. and shapes.  The terminal ends of our custom designed laminated shunts can be secured by solder dipped ends, swaged, and riveted copper clips, or a welded construction.

Design Assistance

We'll assist you to find the right fit for your needs. We'll take you step-by-step from initial drawing to finished product.

Reverse Engineering

Don't have a drawing? We will reverse engineer the perfect solution to your problem.

Design Verification

To ensure the product works as intended, we double-check that the part meets our quality standards.

Production Capabilities

Bending, brazing, drilling, forming, milling, plating, punching, sawing, tapping


Through press bonded lamination, we improve the electrical conductivity of our shunts. Press bonding also eliminates the need for plates or clips and offers optimal electrical values.

Base Materials

Bare Copper
Tin Plated Copper
Silver Plated Copper

End Treatments

Press Welding
Solder Dipping

End Treatment
Plating Options



Our in-house tool & die department allows us to form as well as punch shunts of various types, including type F (straight), type C (180), and type J. A range of parameters can be customized, including the thickness, lamination thickness, width, length, hole size, hole pattern, and required end type.

Shunt Lamination Thickness

.003", .002", .005",
.010", .015", .020"

Shunt Types (Shapes)

Custom shunts any shape, typical shapes are F, C, J, L

File Formats

All formats accepted.
(DWJ, DXF, PDF, etc.)

Software Used



We are certified by NEMA Standards and are ISO Compliant.


  • Press bonded laminations improve electrical conductivity
  • Automated manufacturing and quality control capabilities facilitate the production of shunts with proper gaps for air cooling and flexibility
  • Tin plated copper shunts are resistant to corrosion and have long shelf life
  • Automated processing capabilities reduce over all manufacturing costs
  • Press bonding eliminates the need for plates or clips and offers optimal electrical values
  • Proper laminate lengths enhances longevity of the shunts
  • Automated construction capabilities enable the production of geometrically correct, congruent, and concise products
  • On time delivery
  • Graduated laminates increase power efficiency

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