All manufacturing tasks, from metal sawing, tapping, and punching through tooling, laminating, plating, and assembling, are handled under one roof to take your project seamlessly from prototype to product.

Design Assistance

We'll assist you to find the right fit for your needs. We'll take you step-by-step from initial drawing to finished product.

Reverse Engineering

Don't have a drawing? We will reverse engineer the perfect solution to your problem.

Design Verification

To ensure the product works as intended, we double-check that the part meets our quality standards.


We manufacture the highest quality product in the US. Custom busbars can be plated in tin, silver, or nickel to suit specific applications. Our experienced team can help you find the perfect material for the job.

Base Materials


Material Types

Copper Foil
Flat Braid
Rope Style
Solid Bar


Nickel Plating
Silver Plating
Tin Plating

Insulation Types

Powder Coated
Heat Shrink Tubing
Epoxy Coated


With our in-house tool & die department and experienced manufacturers, we can produce parts to your exact specs.

Edge Profiles

Full Rounded Edges
Rounded Corners
Square Corners

File Formats

All formats accepted.
(DWJ, DXF, PDF, etc.)


Flat Strips
Hollow Tubes
Solid Bar
Punched or Drilled

Software Used



We are certified by the American Welding Society and are ISO Compliant.

Our product specialists are ready to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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