High Precision and High Priority

One of our long-time customers who had been stressing about a certain part, the problem was having no blue prints for the parts that they had needed. They were reasonably within driving distance and asked kindly if […]

Functional AND Fashionable

We had a client who was a wholesaler of our parts, not the end client. In spite of the fact that the parts they had were useful, they weren’t outwardly engaging so clients weren’t receptive and ultimately decided […]

Brought the Dead Back To Life!

As of late, we had a client that had bought a connector from another organization and had only protestations, and at last, was not content with the execution and life expectation of the part. We wanted to […]

More Flexibility, Without Loss of Durability

A Loyal Customer of our own needed a more adaptable part that wouldn’t influence the expense or strength. We had recommended the thought of conceivably utilizing an alternate method for assembling the part with an alternate external […]


We custom design laminated custom shunts in a range of hole patterns and sizes. The terminal ends of our custom designed laminated shunts can be secured by solder dipped ends, swaged, and riveted copper clips, or a […]


Our battery connectors and copper bus bar connectors fit any specific shape or application. Though we mostly work on customer supplied blueprints or drawings in DXF, PDF, or DWG formats, assistance is also offered for designing the […]


We specialize in custom designed bus bars for the automotive, aircraft, and switch gear markets. Custom bus bars can be plated in tin, silver, or nickel to suit specific applications. Based on your ampacity and voltage requirements, we […]


Custom design and manufacture of braided flexible connectors has been our specialty since 1992. Our made-to-order flexible connectors deliver maximum power outputs at half the resistance levels of the connectors currently available in the market. They are […]

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