The factors attracting the service providers to invest in busbar systems include shifting focus towards efficient use of electricity, strict regulations and policies favoring energy efficiency, and technical advancement and operational efficiency in power infrastructure. In 2015, the U.K. government has passed energy efficiency regulations for buildings to conserve energy and the buildings would be incentivized by the practice. However, huge initial costs for the bus bar installations are hampering the growth of Busbar Systems market.

The busbar is the trending solution for the distribution of electrical power. Busbar system is used in power distribution and consists of prefabricated electrical distribution system in a highly protective enclosure, which basically includes components such as fittings, devices, straight lengths, elbows, and accessories. Busbar system provides the most efficient systems and are capable of optimizing the distribution of medium voltage power in industries where concepts of planned production and scientific factory layouts are applied, ensuring complete safety. With the rising need to alter shop layouts and changes in production patterns to meet the ever-demanding market, busbars provide the necessary flexibility to make such changes quickly, with minimum power shutdown, utilizing the existing cables, conductors and fittings.

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