The rapidly escalating demand for uninterrupted & reliable electricity in tandem with the rising trend of urbanization will stimulate busbar market size in the years ahead. A major shift from the traditional sources of energy toward renewable energy resources has been observed lately – a trend that has extensively contributed toward the growth of busbar industry. With the application of busbars increasing majorly across the commercial, residential, and industrial arenas, it is indeed undeniable that busbar market share will register a commendable CAGR over 2017-2024. The onslaught of modern technological changes and the need for increasing energy efficiency will lead to a general rise in the refurbishment of already established substations, further stimulating busbar market size.The demand for electricity has witnessed an exponential upsurge in the emerging economies. In response, the governments these companies have been making it their priority to strive and provide electric power to all. It is thus rather overt that this would demand the necessity of busbars to ensure proper current flow between the power source and integrated circuits, capacitors and resistors, which would have a commendable impact on busbar industry size. Emerging economies have indeed become the focal point for exponential urbanization. Most of these urban centers harbor a population that exceeds several millions and are packed with high-rises, well lit roads and a lifestyle that requires extensive deployment of electricity. In consequence, this would have a commendable impact on busbar industry size.