Quality is First at American Power Connection

Before you purchase your next Electrical Shunt Consider this…

Shunts are riveted and/or soldered creating gap for-ohm arching and high micro-ohm readings Press bonded laminations improve electrical conductivity
Hand wound shunts = improper air gaps for cooling Automated manufacturing = highest quality control and proper gaps for air cooling and flexibility
Bare copper = corrodes on the shelf and while in use Tin Plated Copper = longer shelf life and corrosion resistance
Labor intensive = expensive Automated processing = lower costs
Clips or plates utilized in shunts construction = extra costs Press bonding eliminates the need for clips or plates = better micro-ohm readings
Tendency to break = reduces normal life span Proper laminate lengths = longer life cycles
Improper construction = non-congruent products Automated construction = congruent, concise products, geometrically correct
More down time Reduces total down time
Standard or Antiquated designs = behind competition Custom designed latest innovations – “State of the art” =highly competitive
Customary ordering response = wait in line delivery Order toll free from American Power = on time or immediate delivery
Lack of concurrent shunt construction = wasted energy Increases your power efficiency with graduated laminates

Bottom Line … we manufacture the highest quality U.S.A. made product available anywhere!