As detailed in the article “Sizing of busbar trunking systems (busways)” on the Electrical Installation Wiki, the sizing of busbar trunking systems is a straightforward process, primarily reliant on manufacturer-provided data. Unlike traditional distribution systems with cables, busway selection involves parameters such as the cross-sectional area, rated current, and correction factors for ambient temperatures, making the process more direct.

Manufacturers determine the cross-sectional area of a given model based on factors like the rated current, ambient air temperature (typically 35°C), and the number of loaded conductors. The calculation of the rated current considers the system layout and the current consumed by various loads connected along the trunking system.

They simplify the sizing process of busbar trunking systems, offering efficient solutions for power distribution. Their expertise ensures a streamlined approach to selecting and implementing busways, emphasizing factors such as ambient temperature correction and tailored solutions for varying power ranges.

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