In the insightful article “Busbars and interconnects: Joined-up thinking” by Peter Donaldson on eMobility Engineering, the complexities of designing and producing busbar and interconnect systems are elucidated.

Large EV battery packs, comprising thousands of cells, necessitate efficient connections for modules, packs, and driveline components like inverters and DC-DC converters. This demand requires solutions that ensure robust and reliable connections in confined spaces while minimizing costs.

Various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and marine, demand high-performance, reliable, and safe busbars and interconnects. Automotive applications prioritize vibration resistance, aerospace emphasizes weight reduction and space saving, and marine applications require corrosion resistance.

Meeting stringent regulations, particularly in aerospace, necessitates inventive approaches and high efficiency in performance and manufacturing. Critical factors such as material selection, conductor material, packaging, and electrical insulation ensure safety and integrity in electrical systems.

Innovations in busbars and interconnects contribute to the advancement of EV technology and meet the diverse demands of modern industries.

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