In the illuminating article titled “Why busbar trunking system is a space saving solution worth every penny,” the advantages of busbar trunking systems (BTS) are explored, shedding light on their role as a compact and efficient solution. Published on the Electrical Engineering Portal, the piece delves into the features and applications of BTS, highlighting its significant benefits in the realm of power distribution.

Belonging to the category of switchgear assemblies as outlined in IEC 61439, busbar trunking systems fall under the umbrella of line distribution boards. The product attributes of BTS are detailed in IEC 61439-6, focusing on their specific requirements and capabilities.

While certain applications such as electrical busbar systems for luminaires are excluded from IEC 61439-6, the integration of lighting systems into busbar trunking systems is explored. Communication-capable tap-off units offer control over consumers and facilitate the switching of luminaires.

The planning process for busbar trunking systems is informed by various factors, including incoming power data, permissible voltage drop, required degree of protection, power system configuration, supply concepts (cable system or busbar trunking system), short-circuit strength, and overload and short-circuit protection.

To delve deeper into the world of busbar trunking systems and their value, refer to the original article on the Electrical Engineering Portal.

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